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” I am a Revit Fan from India since 2008 and I have been learning Revit through your Cad Clips (which I have downloaded through P2P Network as a student). I have learnt revit only through your videos and that shows how good they are. I am extremely thankful to you for making them so good.

Akshay Korlekar

“I would say you are the only teacher who has taught me autocad and I have learned every piece of autocad from you. Thanks a lot for that. With Lot of Regards”

Rinku Yadav

“These tutorials are excellent: clear and concise. Thanks so much for posting them.”


Daryl…not only am I a fan of Canada (our neighbors to the north) but I’ve become a fan of yours. I recently started using 3D after 20 years of using AutoCAD and stumbled upon CADclips. I wish I’d have come across your videos before. I’m a self employed designer and under a great deal of pressure on this piping project. Your videos have helped me a great deal. I commend you for sharing your knowledge with the CAD community. Thank You ! ”


“I did a course when I first got Revit, it cost me $1300.00 and included so much info that it ended up being a ‘This is what Revit can do course’. If you tried to do any of the work the instructor was showing you lost track because he kept on going. Your clips show that every body can make a mistake. Your oops moments break me up but you go back and show how to fix anything that may crop up from time to time. You are very methodical in your approach and explain things in a language that can be understood by the novice beginner.

Mike Powell, Building Designer , Tasmania

“We have greatly benefited from CADclips Revit videos. They are by far the most effective and economical training resource we have found. The short format and well indexed modules help us find solutions to our needs in a moment’s notice. We have also been very impressed by your speedy and thorough technical support by email.”

Kornegay Engineering, Inc. , Macon, GA, USA

“I have to say, that your videos are awesome! Wow!!!”

Luis R. Torres
Abitare Custom Design

“Thank you, the best man in the world. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I do not know English very well but, you are so good teacher that I understand everything that you say and I can make any 2D or 3D drawing, Thank you so much. I would like to send you some pictures of my 3D works so you can see what you teach me to do. I know that you will be proud and also your unknown student. Thank you. You are the best teacher I ever hear. I am so sorry that I can not take your hand and squeeze it hard. Thank you. regards.”

Sab, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Very Nice. Simple, and good instructions !”

K Thessen

“You are doing such a great job with these tutorials ! Thanks a lot !”


“I really like it when you get stuck and then fix it on the fly. That’s the real world”.

Rose Anne

“We have been busy here going through your training videos. What a fantastic resource! Thanks so much for the production of these.”.

Tom Johnson
Slesser Engineering Inc.

“These are fantastic tutoirials. It’s not easy to find a good tutorial in combination with an exellent expert who knows how and why it is done. These tutorials are a total reference for me. Even from such a simple structure as a double car garage project, I was able to draw complex buildings following this great tutorial series”.


“We are back to renew our account. Sorry for the gap between renewals, we learned so much the first time around that we didn’t need any more training. Now we have new staff and have to get back on track”


“Great clips! And great information about using the software! “.


“You are a true genius… the effort you have put into these tutorials is incredible.You are very big hearted to share this knowledge and tips with all of us and god bless you for that. I am an AutoCAD person, so REVIT is new to me. By watching your tutorials I have gained a great understanding of this software. Hopefully you will keep on sharing your knowledge and tips with new tutorials. thank you “.


“I really like the way the instructor repeats what needs to be repeated in order to drive the lesson home. This is real teaching and I am learning quickly. I appreciate the style. It’s extremely thurough and well detailed for those of us who are serious about mastering this software”. I have watched many training videos and I have to say Well Done !

Peter Ratelle

“Your Style of teaching opens windows in every direction. You have turned a struggle into a Joy !” 

James Davies